Mildly irritated

I got this laptop, a Lenovo IdeaPad, in July of 2017.  Right away, I had a mild complaint: the shift key on the right side is half-sized.  And there’s an up arrow right next to it.  I got an ergonomic keyboard (that I shouldn’t have cheaped out on, because I have several complaints about it), and used that while getting used to the stupidity that Lenovo did with the keyboard.

I’ve had another complaint for the past two months: the case around the monitor has cracked, and is getting worse.  Despite being incredibly careful, and no longer closing the laptop at all, it’s gotten to the point that the monitor will reposition itself, and the plastic case around the monitor separates when I try to move it back.

I’d gotten fifteen months’ use out of the damn thing.  And this is beyond the irritation with Windows 10, the keyboard, and Office setting itself up as a rental rather than a purchase.

When I was using Acer laptops, I usually got at least two years’ use out of them before things started going tits-up.

I have an Acer Aspire on order from Amazon.  It’ll arrive on Friday.

In the meantime, I’ve been fighting wave after wave of chronic fatigue flareups.  Four months ago or so, my endocrinologist reduced my thyroid meds, and I started having issues.  I’ve been put on a different one,* and I’ve started feeling better.

I’m irritated that a slightly high level of thyroid hormone, to the point my doc’s concerned about it, seems to be best for the chronic fatigue, and that I feel awful when the doctor’s happier.

I’m hopeful that the new meds don’t wind up with my doc hyperventilating and shoving me back on the synthetic T4 replacement without listening to my preferences because it’s what she thinks is best.

I have been still writing, but I’ve been having to back up almost as much as I’ve been going forward.  When brain has the dumbs, the words just don’t work right.

That seems to be, finally, fixing itself as I get used to the new meds.  Crossing fingers.


*I’m on natural thyroid replacement, which includes T4 (inactive) and T3 (active), rather than just the T4 that my body’s supposed to convert and maybe doesn’t do properly.   

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