Finally making progress again!

Last week took a lot of worries off my mind: we got ahold of people to do some repairs–some electrical, some roof–and lo and behold, the muse jumped me today.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the right one at first.  I’m still working on Gods and Monsters.  And it may be the last volume in the series for a while–it seems like it comes in fits and spurts rather than like other pieces do.

But today, Meg from the Liquid Diet Chronicles butted in line.  I got the first part of the first chapter of book 2 (about 1200 words) hammered out in about half an hour this morning, and I know where the rest of the chapter’s going.  Got a good idea of where the rest of the book is going, too.

That would have been enough to have me celebrating.  But that wasn’t all.  I also got 400 words of the climactic chapter of Gods and Monsters written.  And I have an idea of where and how the side plot’s going to fit in, and about how much that’s going to be.  And I’m not done writing for the day–not if I want to be able to go to sleep easily in an hour or so.

Yes, I have other work I need to get done tomorrow.  I have to talk to my pharmacy and unfuck a FUBARed set of thyroid ‘scrips, and I need to get our trash service switched over to autodraft.  Because I’m downright sick of buying stamps for bills, and everything else is autodraft.  I may need to actually go get my ‘scrips, too.

But I’m still hoping tomorrow’s as productive as today was.


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