Quick update

First draft of the fourth Modern Gods book, Gods and Monsters, is finished, as of yesterday.  It’s about 84.5K words, currently.  I’m setting it aside for at least a week, if not two, before I do a second draft.

Also yesterday, I finished the first chapter of the Liquid Diet Chronicles book 2.  Tentative title for that is Having a Pint.  Started chapter 2 this morning, and am still working.

All this while ignoring the distraction of a stranger puttering around me, putting in ceiling fans and lighting, in a house that was built outside city limits in 1970, and clearly not up to code in some areas–the ceiling fans replaced were not in fan-rated boxes, but bolted to braces laid across the rafters, and the rafters weren’t spaced evenly or correctly, which took some creative, lateral thinking for the electrician.

If you are in Jasper County, Missouri, I heartily recommend JB Electric.  The young man did a stellar job, and cleaned up after himself (drywall bits etc from putting in the junction boxes).

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