Bloody hell!

I lost about 400 words when my laptop decided to update and wouldn’t let me save, first.  That was…Friday, I think.

My aunt, my mom’s second youngest sister (there are four of them–my mom is the oldest) was diagnosed with breast cancer two weeks ago.  And went in for surgery this morning.  Assuming they were on schedule, it should have started fifteen minutes ago.  My impressions are that they caught it early–they don’t usually rush treatment if it’s not going to keep it from spreading.  I’m hoping I’m right, but I’m playing Telephone, trying to get details from people who don’t understand the information they’re being given by someone who doesn’t understand the information she’s been given and won’t ask for clarification.

And I’ve gotten sick.  Again.

I am about ready to scream.  This has been a frustrating–and terrifying–couple of weeks.

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