Um…no May flowers…

They’ve been flooded out in a lot of areas.  So have farmers.  We haven’t flooded (more than our front yard and driveway covered by a temporary flash flood), but that’s a function of where we are, more than anything else.  And if the drainage was better (or it hadn’t poured 3″ on us in less than an hour that one time) we wouldn’t be flooding at all.

It doesn’t get up to the house.  But that’s about all I can say for it.

The kids are on their second week out of school for the summer.  So far, they’re keeping up with their assigned chores, for the most part.  Kathryn didn’t do hers, yesterday, but she’s got a nasty case of contact dermatitis all over her face, hands, and on the insides of her knees.  It looks like poison ivy, but isn’t spreading to anyone else, and it’s not weeping.  She needs to not roll in freshly cut grass, I guess.

I’ve gotten word back from all but one of the beta readers for Gods and Monsters, and I’ve started the revision process.  When the brain fog lets me focus on actually thinking–yesterday was really bad.  Wish me luck.