I’ve been using LibreOffice since…October or November.  I don’t remember specifically when I quit being able to access Word.  It works, for the most part, much like Word.

Except in some formatting things.  I can’t hit select all, then change the little formatting thing I want.  I have to go in and change every little instance of it by hand.

The thing that’s frustrating me right now: as a reader, I detest giant chunks of white space at the bottoms of pages where the widow and orphans default moves text to the next page to not break up paragraphs.  I HATE that.  So I don’t do it in my books.  And I’m having to go through, little bit by little bit, and fix that, because LibreOffice isn’t letting me do it all in one go like Word did.

(I’m also going to have to go through and re-center every scene break mark I put in.  Because they’re all sitting firmly on the left margin (spaced in a bit for the first line indent).  But that’s another frustration not really related to the other gripe.)


On the upside, this means I’m doing the last edits (and formatting in the template for publishing) for Gotds and Monsters.  Which means the brain fog has lifted a bit.

Well, it’s either that, or I’m trying to avoid interacting with the kids…which is a valid thing, right now.  Introvert’s feeling crowded with scraped raw nerves…and I’m really trying hard not to take it out on my extroverted children.  Who don’t get it.  And really don’t deserve the fallout.

Did I ever mention I don’t like summer while they’re out of school?