Wow.  We’re more than half-way through July.  The kids just finished one 2-week session of swim lessons, and the last session of the summer starts on Monday (2 more weeks).  Two weeks after that, they go back to school and are out of my hair for a few hours every day.

Sometime before that, I need to get them both in to the dentist, and Kathryn in to the optometrist–her well child visit indicated that she could be a little near-sighted.

In any case, school starts, soon, and that means more time I can focus on something besides diffusing fights between bored kids.

I’m hoping to get Gods and Monsters out, soon.  It’s a year later than I’d planned, for which I apologize, but it fought.  It did not want to adhere to my planned schedule.  At all.  But it is finished (for the most part).

I’ve got my cover art rounded up.  I need to find a big enough scanner to fit the painting.  Or at least sort of fit the painting.

I’ve got the formatting for it done, too.  I’m 3/4 of the way done (again) with the last chapter that decided it had to be written after everything else was done.  I’ve got the afterword and author’s notes (discussing the future of the series) yet to do.

I do have Word, now.  Office ’07 came on the 8th, and it was supposedly licensed for up to five machines.  I have used one of the licenses on my laptop.  So I should be able to load it on the next four, as well.  I hope.

I’d honestly forgotten how nice Word was to work with.  How easy everything is.  Yes, you do have to know how to do the things, but it does the things without arguing, and without wading through all the drop down menus looking for the one thing that might do what you want it to do.  And might not do what you want it to do (ahem, table of contents formatting).  It was well worth the money I spent on Office, and would have been worth even a little more than I spent (if I’d had it).

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