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Okay, the last chapter of G&M is in the hands of one of my beta readers.  The rest of it’s all done and formatted, and author’s note and afterwords are added.  It’s mostly done, so I’m turning to another project.

We had our fifteenth wedding anniversary the week after we buried my father-in-law.  Neither of us were in the mood for more than visiting the site where we were married, and showing the kids (it’s a public, outdoor area–Missouri Southern State University’s Biology Pond*).  A few days later, I showed Andrew a pen: a Moonman 600S.  It’s a Chinese reproduction of a Parker Duofold.**  He told me to order it, and happy anniversary.

I’ve wanted a Parker Duofold fountain pen for a while, now.  I still do, but not a new one.  I want a vintage (but not the Big Red) self-filler with one of the older gold nibs.  I think they’re prettier.

This one, though…I got it about a week ago, and it’s gorgeous.  I got the sort of teal-green one (may go back at some point for the blue one–which they didn’t have when I made my order).  It writes with a broader line than I prefer, but it’s really comfortable to write with for decently long periods–I spent the kids’ entire swim lesson (35 minutes for one, 50 minutes for the other, and I wrote nearly the whole time) working.  Got several pages of the second Liquid Diet Chronicles book written–yes, by hand, but it won’t take me long to get that transcribed.  It’s only 5 1/2 pages in an A5 notebook.

One last note: I’ll be keeping my FB profile, for the most part, for keeping in contact with distant family and friends, but I’ll also be a lot more active on my MeWe account–FB is currently in the process of becoming useless for author stuff.


*Missouri Southern originally was a mansion and extensive grounds owned by a mining baron…who wrote in his will that his property was to become Joplin’s first institute of higher education: a junior college.  Which became a 4-year college, then a state college, then a university.  The biology pond was the mansion’s spring-fed, natural-style swimming pool.  And they’d built a Japanese style bridge over the end that drains out into a creek.  It’s a beautiful spot.

**I call these a reproduction rather than a knock-off because there were Parker factories in China.  They were closed and sold, but they weren’t cleared out.


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