I’ve been wrestling with Highway to Tartarus for the past several weeks!  I finally got the next to last story chapter written!  I have one (maybe two, if the one doesn’t want to be written the way I have it planned) more story, and then the first draft is done.  Editing never takes as long as the initial writing process, so I am very nearly done.

After I finish up the second draft, it goes out to my wonderful beta readers.  I’ll take any suggestions into account, then will put it through the publishing process on CreateSpace and Kindle Direct.  I’m still hoping to have this one out by the beginning of December–which was my plan initially.

(I’m also planning on putting The Godshead up for free for a couple of days a couple of times between sending Highway to my beta readers, and getting it up on Amazon.  Watch for announcements!)

Next up?  Resurgent–the sequel to The Last Pendragon.  And that will finish out that series.  I hope to get a draft of that done by mid January–with the bulk of the work done over Christmas break.