Just a little frustrating.

I had a manuscript sent me by a friend edited (up to the last fifty pages, or so).  And I had a chapter and a half done and ready to be added to my manuscript, which would have brought the total up to something like a little over 2/3 of my planned length.

And then, Microsoft decided it was time to update.  Without telling me.  Nor letting me choose when to do it.

I deeply and sincerely hate Windows 10.

Especially since Office decided that, since I am no longer employed with the university, I wouldn’t be allowed to use the version of Office I’d downloaded and had been using for the past year and a half.  And it locked me out of Word.  I can open old documents, but I can’t change them, and I can’t save anything.

Why, no–I hadn’t saved the editing work I’d done.  Thanks for asking.  Nor had I gotten everything saved on my work.

It recovered what I’d been writing okay, and I managed to get it transcribed to another program (since Word wouldn’t let me save it at all) but wouldn’t recover the editing work.  I’ve spent the last month trying.  I finally managed to get it to recover that, and was starting to work on transcribing what I’d done to LibreOffice’s word processor…and Microsoft decided it was time to update.  Again.  To fix the things it screwed up with October’s update.

Guess what I haven’t been able to re-recover.

I had managed to get 26 pgs of almost 150 of editing transcribed.  But no more than that.


I still can’t use Word, either.  I could get one of the earlier versions of Office.  If I trusted eBay sellers to sell unopened boxes with unused keys.  And if I could afford even that small amount of cash outflow (taxes plus saving for house and car insurance plus saving for tuition).  Since it’s not in the cards, and I won’t pay a hundred bucks to rent the one program from Office I use for the next year, and buying the program is right out*…time to turn to the free programs.

OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

Truth be told, I think I like LibreOffice a little bit better than OpenOffice.  Yeah, they’re almost identical, but in my opinion (and really, since I’m the writer, who else’s opinion matters, here?), LibreOffice’s word processor is a little bit less awkward to use than OpenOffice’s.

I hadn’t quit writing, though.  I have a bunch of stuff that I need to get transcribed from my notebook that I carry with me.  Hopefully, I can finish things up in fairly short order.

I really, really hate Windows 10.  If I had the brain processing power/speed, I’d work on learning Linux so that I could dump the program that treats me like an idiot child that can’t be trusted to take care of an expensive devise on their own.  Especially now that Word isn’t an option anymore.