Been a while…

So, Andrew got a job, last July, between the end of summer semester classes and the end of finals week.  Since then, I’ve picked up responsibility for getting the kids to school, doing some grocery shopping, making the Sam’s Club run, and a few other things.

My time and energy to write has been…severely curtailed.

I’ve continued having random health issues throughout the year, including that my thyroid medication still is not bringing me back up to where I need to be, not to mention not helping as much as it should be with weight control.  For example, right after I got over my bout with pneumonia in January, and then the bout of week-long stomach flu that left me with an allergy to wheat, I lost something like thirty or thirty-five pounds.

I’ve never had trouble maintaining weight lost, not until after my thyroid quit working.  Now?

I didn’t change either types of food, amounts of food, or amounts of exercise I’ve been getting; however, I gained twenty pounds back.  And this is on a daily intake of somewhere between a thousand and twelve hundred calories.

That…should not have happened.

In any case, I’ve spoken with the doctor about it, and she’s ordered a full blood panel workup to try to figure out what’s going on.  So that’s progress, sort of.

The doctor has directed me to continue taking my thyroid meds (duh),  maybe start on a multi-vitamin (again, I do when I can–they don’t always agree with me), and continue to avoid eating things that contain wheat (again, duh–eating wheat hurts until it’s gone the way of all food waste).

None of that really helps my energy levels, nor helps much with being able to think straight.

That doesn’t stop me from trying.  I do have draft books with fiction sketches roughed out, one for my novel I’m working on, and one for short stories, and bits from the fourth Modern Gods book.  And trying to figure out how to get my finished stuff all the way finished, covers and all.

As for currently finished projects…I do have the third installment in the Modern Gods world done.  The problem is that my cover artist is facing a bit of a personal life crisis, and I’m hesitant to try to find someone else.  I also don’t want to distract her from what she’s dealing with right now–I really don’t want to be the straw that broke the camel’s back with regards to added stress.    I also have a short written for that world that I’m planning on publishing soon, Kindle only.  Don’t ask when, because I’m not sure.  I’m still trying to figure out artwork for a cover.  I think I’ve got an idea, but…the execution is where I’m falling flat.

My current project is The Schrodinger Paradox–a story in three parts, the first part of which starts about ten years from now, with a significant time span between part one and part two.  I’m anticipating something around 120-150K words total for the novel.

I’m currently about 33K words into it.  I’d been stuck at about 31K words in due to lack of time and energy for a couple of months; however, since Christmas is behind us, the kids will be heading back to school as of January 5, and I will not be going back until after MLK Day, I should have even more time to get what I’ve got done in my draft book transcribed, and expanded.  I’m hoping to have part one done soon, so that I can keep going and get this done soon.