Done…but with setbacks.

So.  I got the editing job halfway done by Thursday of last week (after migraines, and getting hit by a cold right after having gotten the document).  And then…I woke up my laptop to get to work on Friday only to find that Windows decided to restart.  And LibreOffice didn’t back up my work that I’d forgotten to save.

So.  Yeah.  I had to RE-DO everything, then keep going.  I finished Monday, picked up the check Tuesday,* and did the deposit on Wednesday.

I finished up the edit on Gods and Monsters.  It’s in the hands of beta readers right now. At least, it’s in two pairs of hands.  After working around another setback.

Hotmail, what I usually use for email, is NOT WORKING RIGHT.  And hasn’t been reliable for weeks.  It did not want to allow me to attach the document this morning.  So, I used a recovered gmail account to send it off.  Two of my four beta readers currently have it (that I know of–I’ve sent it to a third), and one of my beta readers hasn’t responded, yet.

In the meantime, I’ve picked up the second Liquid Diet Chronicles book, and am writing on it.  Current word count is 7800 words, and I’m aiming at 10K before the end of the day.

Wish me luck on that; I leave to pick my kids up from school in about fifteen minutes.


*I also ordered a book for the kids’ school library: this one.  I got my son a copy, and he says it’s helpful.  I took that copy in when I picked up the check.