Constructive criticism…I like it.

A friend of mine left a review of The Godshead on my Facebook page:

Hey Holly, just finished The Godshead. Took advantage of the free download weekend since the book budget isn’t as big as I’d like. Really enjoyed it. I know you just put out the sequel and I’m planning to read it when I find the time. One thing that would have helped me out (possibility for the next installment?) is a brief glossary type thing in the back with just a very brief background of each character. I know it might be difficult to do since there is so much info. I have only a passing knowledge of mythology, so being able to look up a character and get a quick summary (ie-name, god of ___, son of ____, and any prophesies, two-sentence summary of any story about them that relates to the plot, etc.) would have helped me get more out of the story. Again, though, I did really enjoy it and am looking forward to finding time for the sequel.

What does everyone else (both of you that read this blog) think of this suggestion?

Here’s hoping…

I hope everyone had a good Christmas.  I hope everyone has had an overall good year, and I hope everyone has a better one next year.

I’ve finished knitting Christmas gifts, and all we have left before the busy season is over is a visit to my family.  It would have happened yesterday, but the kids were sick.

As for my personal goals…I’m still working on trying to get my book finished so that I can actually sit down and write the story I have outlined for that little girl.

So, my goals between now and New Year’s Day are:

1. Finish Pendragon Resurgent.  I’ve got about three or four chapters left–between ten and fifteen thousand words.

2. Write the horse story for the little girl.  She’s only seven, and her patience is wearing thin, according to the Facebook conversation we had last night.

3. Get the Christmas tree taken down and put back into storage, along with all of the Christmas DVDs, decorations, etc., ad nauseum, so that I can reclaim space in the bedroom.  Which desperately needs cleaned.

4. Get a new vacuum.  The motor burned out on our old one, and I’m not sure if it’s worth fixing.

5. Clean and straighten the living room.

Other than that, I don’t think I have anything in the realm of possibilities.

Updates and goals

So, I’m about 46,200 words into Pendragon Resurgent.  I have the rest of it totally plotted out, so all I have to do is find the time (and energy) to write it.  There are about three or four chapters left, so call it about six hours of writing.  Then, I’ll set it aside to revise later, then send it to my beta readers.  Hopefully, I’ll have it ready for publication around late April or early May.

I’m also knitting Christmas gifts.  I’ve finished three stocking hats, and I’m working on one more, plus a scarf.  And I still need to find something for my mother.  I probably won’t find time to write that last bit until after I’m done with my knitting.

After I finish Pendragon Resurgent, I’ll be working on a horse story for a little girl. And then, I’ll be starting Fire and Forge, the next in the Modern Gods books (Godshead, Tartarus).  The Legends series (Pendragon, Resurgent) will be marked as done, for now–I don’t intend to write more right now, at least–so I’ll be working on newer projects.

It’s been a bit…

I haven’t written much here, lately.  I’ve been too busy getting Highway to Tartarus published, and writing on Resurgent.  But, now that the big push for Tartarus is finished, I’m going to get back to writing a bit.

I am about 4/5 (37,500 out of a planned 50,000 words) of the way finished with the first draft of Resurgent, and I find myself rethinking the title.  I’m considering adding to it a bit: either Pendragon Resurgent or Camelot Resurgent.  I haven’t made up my mind, yet.  I’m open to suggestions…

After I finish writing Resurgent, I’m planning on writing a children’s book for the daughter of a dear friend.  I’ve had indications of interest in that from people other than the little girl in question, so I’ll probably publish it, too.  It will be a chapter book, but shouldn’t be beyond a child’s ability to read it.

After that, I’ll pick Resurgent back up, and do up a second draft, probably adding about ten thousand words or more, since I haven’t done many descriptions.  All I’ve been focused on is getting the plot.

I’ve noted that the Modern Gods series (The Godshead, Highway to Tartarus) haven’t been nearly as well-read as my Legends (The Last Pendragon, Resurgent) books.  I’m wondering if it’s because the format of a novel told in short stories is putting people off, or if it’s because so few people know classic mythology…either way, I’m not going to stop writing them, I’m just going to refocus to other things unless and until interest picks up.

Because, yes, I write the things I want to read, but I’d also like to eventually be able to make a living off of it.