The kids have been back in school for a little bit.  This is the second day of their second full week (they started back on Thursday, two weeks ago).  I’ve been working on getting stuff done so that I can just focus on writing.

And then, I had a really good story from a former student that needed a lot of edits.  I hope he hands it back when he’s done with the revisions (places where he needed to add stuff, places where he needed to cut).  It took me three read-throughs because I kept getting caught in the story, and forgetting what I needed to be doing.

I’m done with that, though, and back on my own stuff.

Gods and Monsters…I’m a bit more than halfway through what I have planned for it.  Yes, the dragon goddess is proving wilier than I had planned, and things are not going well for the ones tracking her, but I think we’re turning the corner.  She’s not cornered and caught yet, but we’re getting there.

I’m not quite done transcribing the things I wrote out long-hand while watching over the kids’ swim lessons–I actually got a lot done there–but I’ll be finished with that by the end of the day.  I think I managed about 20K worth of story done long hand in my draft book over the summer.  I topped 52K with the chapter I added last night.  The  one I’m working on now isn’t finished, but is about half done, and will probably be about 5-8K words.  Maybe a little longer.  And I’ve got the next chapter started, but only barely.

The sad and scary is that this isn’t ALL I’m working on at the moment.  The next book in the Liquid Diet Chronicles is kinda butting in.  Yes, that means I’m scribbling down bits and plotting other bits.  No, I don’t have word counts–I may be writing it, but I’m not typing it yet.  I also have another couple of projects that intrude and won’t leave me alone until I scribble them down.  But considering that I carry multi-subject notebooks around with me (and multiple other small notebooks and bits of paper, as well as a bunch of pens), it’s not that hard to keep track of everything.

Anyway, the kids are at school, I’ve just finished my second cup of coffee, and the dishes are drying.  It’s time to write.