Since I last posted…

It’s been wild.  I have been poked, prodded, scanned, sent for a biopsy (which wasn’t done), and then a total thyroidectomy.

(By the way, kids…one of the worst allergies to have after you’ve had even minor surgery is the one like I’ve got to morphine and codeine.)

Since then, I’ve been poked, prodded, meds adjusted sharply upwards (twice), and generally not had either the time or inclination to write.  That was changing…and then my laptop died.  I’ve since acquired a new one, and found out that some files didn’t transfer off when my last laptop died.

(The last laptop was revived by a heroic friend, and is living a life of ease in retirement with my sister, who uses it less than a tenth as much as I used it.)

In any case, the brain fog has (mostly) lifted, and I’m (mostly) regaining function.  There are moments where I’m able to think straight enough to write, and have the energy to do so.  What I’m actually lacking right now is the time.  Especially since the kids are still out for the summer, and I’m still trying to get caught up on the things I let drop while I was un- or under-medicated, then recovering from surgery.

On The Schrodinger Paradox:  I’ve got quite a bit written out long hand that I need to work on typing into my draft.  I know where it’s going, for the most part, tyrannically semi-functional government and all.  I am very much looking forward to seeing how it comes out.

On Normalcy Bias: I’ve got about a half a dozen stories (and pieces of stories) drafted out long hand that need to be typed up and revised as I go.  I have no idea when that’s going to get done.

On my textbook: Last semester, I tried something new.  I tried teaching a class where we wrote a regular paper, then three research papers.  It…worked.  Sort of.  Especially when you consider that I was only semi-functional during last semester (and nearly non-functional through January and most of February).  I’m going to tweak the idea, to teach the papers I used to teach as the basis, but add the research component to each of them, one style per paper (four major styles that I know of).  Which means I’m going to need to redo the papers within the chapters…

On the writers’ handbook for grownups…yeah, I need to think about what to put into it, how to organize it, and finish writing it.  I doubt it’s going to be a very long book, but the style’s somewhat conversational–or at least, that’s what I’m trying for.

With all of that, we’re also trying to get things done with the house, get me in with a specialist in town to get my thyroid hormones balanced properly, keep the bills paid, and minimize all of the other spending as much as possible, in hopes of recouping as much of what we have spent as possible.  We really need to come up with a downpayment so we can get away from the neighbors that moved in north of us in May.

Seriously, who leaves peed-in diapers just laying in the back yard, especially when they have dogs?