I have been terribly neglectful.

Not just of this blog, but of writing.  Detritus, which I’ve been writing on since November, only has around 21.5K words.  The short story collection, tentatively titled Normalcy Bias (which is what I write on when I get stuck with the novel) is around 26K words.

It’s been hard finding the time and inclination to write.  Yes, the kids are in school, but so am I for the times Kathryn is off in preschool.  When I’m off work, she’s underfoot; unlike her brother, she doesn’t toddle off to play by herself–she needs constant interaction because she’s a very social little critter.

Add, on top of that, pneumonia in January, a nasty stomach flu in February, and learning to live with an acquired gluten intolerance that looks to be permanent.  It seems like every time I get my feet back under me, something else comes along to knock me off balance again.

I do have plans, though, for how I’m going to do better.  I’m in the midst of grading my research papers, and my students are blogging, now.  I’ll have some time to work on grading, and on my own stuff, over the next two weeks.  Because that’s all that’s left of the semester.

The kids are in school for three weeks longer than Andrew and I will be–their school goes through May 22, and our classes are done on May 1.  I’ll have three mornings a week to get stuff around the house and writing done, and I plan to run them up to my mom’s for babysitting once a week over the summer.

The neglect will end.  It has to.  Writing is, sometimes, that which keeps me sane.